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    About Art & Architecture

    Art & Architecture is a resource and blog about Art, Architecture, Graphic Design, and Environmental Graphics. As the defining line between each is somewhat blurred, all of these design fields are related in obvious, and sometimes not so obvious ways. Topics discussed include art (both traditional and digital), architecture, graphic design, typography, themed environments, themed retail, exhibits, package design, product design, signage and wayfinding.

    Art & Architecture is a mixture of all things related to art and design, and the main pages are a mixture of all fields. To concentrate focus, there are four categories or "channels" that feature resources of only that design category.

    In addition to articles and trending topics from the web, there is a section discussing style as it influences design. There is also a workshop area full of tips, tricks, and tutorials that will hopefully make design tasks a little easier and a lot more fun. While visiting, take a look at the online store to find interesting items for artists and designers.

    To advertise on Art & Architecture, please contact us at advertise@ArtnArchitecture.com.

    Enjoy Art & Architecture! Good luck to you in your art and design careers, and come back regularly for ideas, thoughts, and resources in your fields of interest.

    Ed Sine, Founder of Art & Architecture


About Red Creek Design Co.

We are storytellers. We are a design company. We use design to tell your story and help you engage your audience. We use artistry to illustrate ideas, and we employ motion graphics to energize solutions. We will immerse your audience in your story as they navigate through an interactive experience. We will team with you - and together create stories that will stir excitement and touch the human heart.


All work displayed on this site is the respective property of each individual artist. It is diplayed here, without compensation, to bring attention to the artist and to direct people who love art towards their work.

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