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If you are scanning in linework and want to create a color illustration from it, it is easy to do in Photoshop, here's how. Make sure the linework is on it's own layer. Set that layer's blending mode to multiply. Create layers underneath that layer and begin adding color. The lines will still show, but you will see the color underneath. If you want the lines to disappear, move your color layers above the line layer. Here is an example of an illustration created using this technique.

If you want to fill areas with color you can do that too. Choose the Paint Bucket Tool, and make sure the "All Layers" option is checked. Go to your color layer and fill. This method will keep the color separate from the line layer. If too much area fills, go to the line layer and close any "leaks" in the linework. Use as many color layers as you need, but it best to never add color to the linework layer. The reason is that each layer has it's own mask. By using color layers with a strategy, you automatically create selections that can be used for fine tuning your illustration later on.


One of the best features of Photoshop is the use of layers, lots of layers. It is not unusual to place anything that might need to be edited on it's own layer. Thus the file size can get to be quite large, sometimes ranging from 600mb to over 1gb. These large files can take quite a while to open, and if the only reason for opening the file is something simple like running a print, opening the layered file is not necessary.

Here is a short but very handy tip. Click FILE then click OPEN as usual. Find the file in the dialog box and highlight it with the cursor. Then holding down the Alt and Shift keys simultaneously, click on the OPEN button. A dialog box will pop up asking "Read the composite data instead?" Click YES and the file will open with all layers flattened. The time required to open the file is shortened dramatically. The layering is still intact on the original file, you are not altering it in any way. But a word of caution, do not save this version over the original or you will lose all your layering.