Digital Art and a Traditional Twist

Digital Art has shown incredible growth over the last several years, and emerging artwork is absolutely fantastic. Even though production techniques are new, old theories still apply. Study of traditional art masters and their techniques can bring exciting options to digital artists...More

Prairie Style Architecture

The Prairie Style began in Chicago in the 1890's and early 1900's. The style is characterized by shallow pitched, hip roofs that have wide overhangs. The designs emphasize horizontal lines, and often have massive entries or porches. Frank Lloyd Wright... More

Design Tools

The Grid System

The Grid System is a resource where graphic designers can learn about grid systems and the golden ratio.

Online Training

Learn the latest tools and techniques in digital media, design, and development. Many different topics are available, and the subscription fee is also quite reasonable.


Eldorado Stone

A great stone resource, Eldorado Stone has a very informative website and excellent stone textures available for download.


Craftsmen in Wood

Exciting styles organized into unique collections, the door designs here will definitely stimulate your creativity.