Open Photoshop Files Quickly

Here is a short but very handy tip. Click FILE then click OPEN as usual. Find the file in the dialog box and highlight it with the cursor. Then holding down the Alt and Shift keys simultaneously, click on the OPEN button. A dialog box will pop up asking "Read the composite data instead?" More...


Creating a Custom Brush

When creating digital artwork, there are many software applications that you should have in your arsenal. One of the most fun is Corel Painter. It does an excellent job of simulating traditional media and allows you to create very natural looking artwork. Photoshop can also be a powerful medium for fine art painting, but out of the box, it doesn't posses the same tools for imitating natural media as Painter. One of the keys to successfully using Photoshop to create digital art is the ability to create custom brushes to achieve the technique you want. Your brushes can simulate oils, watercolors, acrylics, or any other type of media. They can also be shapes that possess grainy or wash effects. In the following example, we are going to create a fine oil brush, and armed with the knowledge of creating this one, you should be able to make your own brushes using the same techniques. More...


Sharpening Technique

For a sharpening alternative, duplicate the layer, set blending mode to overlay, and run the high pass filter.


Fill and Stroke Switch

Shift-x will flip flop the fill and stroke on an object.


Toggling Guides On or Off

To turn off all guides so only the page design is visible; use ctrl-;


Copy Effects to Another Layer

Alt drag the the f icon to the target layer. To move the effect; just drag the f icon.